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Running Paws,
the world's first
dog running service,  since 2002.

1 mile. That's the minimum amount of daily exercise most urban dogs need.

Canine health professionals know how critical regular exercise is for your dogís physical and mental health, thatís why many of our clients have been referred by vets and trainers.

Daily Fitness Sessions have proved to help curb behavioral issues, assist behavior therapy, and relieve stress and anxiety.

We offer our clients a complete solution for their dog care needs, beyond our fitness services. When traveling for business or pleasure our Dog Sitting service is the perfect way to keep your pet happy and safe in a familiar environment. Learn more about our services.

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Dog Exercise Programs tailored for your dogís fitness & health. Including Dog Running, Dog Jogging, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, & Dog Taxi. Our Dog Runners, Dog Walkers & Dog Sitters are dog lovers.

Dr. Jack Burke,
Chairman of Mercy
College School of
Veterinary Medicine

"I'm endorsing this new concept from RUNNING PAWS INC. ...a jog is an excellent way to promote the health of your pet."

Steve Diller,
President, Society
of North American
Dog Trainers

"The RUNNING PAWS fitness program is a terrific service. The program can help correct pet behavioral problems..."

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